Sujok Therapy books list – Explore to be healthy

Sujok Therapy books list – Sujok healing made easy

Nowadays, stress has become a vicinity of our lifestyle. Right from a childhood to an older citizen, it affects everybody that within the longer run causes severe ill health. whereas most folks rely upon pills and drugs which are very harmful, an easy touch on the tip of your thumb with the forefinger of any hand helps to provide miraculous results. For an enduring result, one ought to repeat this action to induce an ultimate relief. Tai-chi conjointly helps to cut back stress and anxiety, and it conjointly helps increase flexibility and balance.

I have much impressed by Sujok therapy and learned a lot and then I decided to write something on this topic. I have prepared a list of Sujok’s books. All these books by the father of Sujok Therapy Park Jae Woo are worth reading to help yourself with many diseases without having medicine. You can be your doctor by reading these practical books hope you guys will enjoy it.

The Six Energy diagnosing exercise collection by Park Jae Woo

The book The Six Energy Diagnosing Exercise collection contains clinical cases, analysing that the reader ought to decide regarding the energy constitution, the dominant energy and also the structure of the dominant energy. The solutions are accessible, too. The comprehensive material might serve for functions of training the scholars of the theory of Six Energies.

The six energy diagnosing exercise collection
The book is meant for acupuncture specialists, medical doctors, non-traditional medicine practitioners, and students specialising in natural science and medicine. A practical application of the SIX KI theory requires more research efforts. The undertaking will add to the knowledge of true properties of SIX KI and promote a further development of this theory. This book The Six Energy Diagnosing Exercise collection starts with the one presenting methods of diagnosing SIX Energies and the constitutions of the human body, This manual is designed to help medical practitioners to master the application of the SIX Ki Theory.

Triorigin – Smile Meditation by Park Jae Woo

smile meditation park jae woo

This book explains the philosophy and ways of “Smile Meditation” introduced by the author Park Jae Woo. It conjointly explains “Triorigin Model Order” encompassing every and each unit of existence in this world.
It is designed for those seeking true path to accomplish perfection in life likewise as for the specialists in drugless treatment and for the wide reading public. After reading this book you will understand the importance and meaning of Neuro existence.


  • It has a large collection of self-help methods to treat many diseases, only by using hands and feet.
  • It includes the convenient and significant reference for therapists. This is best books for therapists to read.
  • This book includes images and pictures to explain it graphically. So, It is easy to understand.

a guide to sujok therapy

This is one of the best Guide on Sujok therapy by Park Jae Woo and this is among most preferable books as it is written by the inventor of Su Jok Therapy.

The book dwells on the structure of ordinary correspondence systems of the hands, feet, fingers, toes and their changes and also the method of treatment through their stimulation. Besides, the structural and practical principles of the Homo-system of the physical body are mentioned, that play and important role within the body’s self-regulation processes and its integration into one whole. – The book is meant for physicians who specialize in numerous fields of medicine, for medical students, biologists, physiologists, and conjointly for everybody inquisitive about the chances of providing medical aid by easy pharmacological means.

SuJok For Everybody – Treat Yourself You Are Home Doctors by Park Jae Woo

Su Jok for everybody park jae woo

Su Jok therapy was developed by a South Korean scientist academician Park Jae Woo. it’s quite simply a technique of treatment: it’s the simplest way of comprehending the fundamental laws of life, a technique that links the classical science of the West to the knowledge accumulated by Oriental medication from precedent days. The high result and ease of Su Jok therapy favour its fast spreading in various countries.Everyone can master the fundamentals of Su Jok therapy with ease and in several cases can need no medicines to assist oneself.The aim of this manual is to assist learn the only ways in which of giving aid through the correspondence systems of the hands and feet.

Su Jok in Emergency – By Park Jae Woo

The book considers the foremost common subjects of first aid administration and therefore the relevant ways offered by Su Jok therapy (acting on curative points on hands and feet) that everybody taking interest in simple techniques of coping with medical emergencies while not recourse to medication ought to know. Use of Su Jok therapy in unexpected diseases, accidents, and injuries, moreover as in resuscitation procedures, is represented well and in well-liked type.

sujok in emergency Park jae woo
The book is primarily supposed for medical factors of various specialities and nurses and conjointly for traders at massive willing to master the efficient methods of first aid administration.

Be Your Own Su Jok Doctor – By Park Jae Woo

A number of easy ways that of rendering self- and mutual therapy for many common diseases without any drugs are represented in this book very well, its language being vivid and simple to grasp.The beauty and effectiveness, easiness and safety of the Su Jok therapeutic technique elaborate by South Korean prof Park Jae Woo attract to the present technique the eye of people of varied professions throughout the globe. The book is meant for a large circle of readers, for those caring for his or her health. If you’ve created up your mind to say “No!” to despondence, diseases and ageing, this book is particularly for you!

be your own sujok doctor park jae woo

Sujok Twist Therapy – by Park Jae Woo

Towel twist therapy is the original natural method of physical treatment of health problems using a simple aid- a towel, which can be found in every household. Accompanying manipulations with a towel by the performance of twist motions and postures, we can achieve target activation of the meridians of the Spiral Neutro Energy Network of our body. The book is designed for specialists in drugless methods of treatment and for the wide reading public.

Su Jok Nail Therapy – Treat Yourself You Are Home Doctors

This book dwells on the method of diagnosis and treatment through nails – Su Jok nail therapy. The anatomy and physiology of nails are mentioned, in conjunction with the historical background ot nail diagnosis.
The book presents a brand new approach to treatment through correspondence systems of the nails developed by the author, provides recommendations on however massage nail plates, warm them, act on them by colour, magneto-therapy, application of seeds.

Sujok Chikitsa

Sujok Chikitsa is one of the best books of sujok therapy in Hindi language. This book is written by father of sujok therapy Park Woo Joe. Sujok Chikitsa explains su jok treatment process in very simple way so patient can treat himself in home after reading this book. Su Jok therapy is a very power full healing process for a wide range of ailments including chronic diseases.

Designed for the broad reading public, this manual is going to be an illustrative supply for people who are interested within the potentialities to provide treatment by easy-to-use and drugless treatment techniques.

Hope this list will help you guys a lot. If you find this article worthy please don’t forget to share to needy ones.

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