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I have written many articles on many subjects but for the first time, I am feeling like an Engineering student. I want to tell you when I was an engineering student we don’t have so many resources as today. You can buy books online, watch Youtube videos, and read articles. But of our time we were totally depending on Books and lectures. In Engineering I have read Engineering mechanics books which I have listed below. That doesn’t mean that I have read all books but I scrap out this list from my syllabus given at that time. I hope you guys will find this article very helpful. All these books are recommended engineering mechanics books for Anna University, Mumbai University, and Pune University.

Engineering Mechanics Books List

  1. Engineering Mechanics by A. Nelson
  2. Engineering Mechanics by S Timoshenko
  3. Engineering Mechanics by Manoj K Harbola
  4. Engineering Mechanics by Meriam and Kraige (Most Preferred)
  5. Engineering Mechanics by Anil Kumar Dhiman
  6. Engineering Mechanics by Hibbeler and Gupta (Most Preferred)
  7. Engineering Mechanics by Shames and Rao

Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics by A Nelson

Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics

This completely revised and updated edition incorporates recent developments that have taken place in the field of instrumentation, measuring techniques, and data analysis. An inclusion of latest topics, enhanced pedagogy, and lucid language build this a complete book on the topic.

Engineering Mechanics by S Timoshenko and DH Young

Engineering Mechanics (In SI Units) (SIE), 5th ed.

The book covers elaborated explanations on Mechanics of Engineering. It explains the Statics and Dynamics mechanisms with the utilization of scalar approach and also the SI Units are used throughout the book. The book has explanations elaborating on the mechanisms of Friction and mechanics. The contents of the book include Introduction, concurrent Forces in a Plane, Force Systems in space, one-dimensional Translation, curvilinear Translation, Rotation of a Rigid Body about a mounted Axis, Parallel Forces in a Plane, Principle of Virtual work, General Case of Forces in a Plane, Rotation of a Rigid Body about a mounted Axis and Relative Motion. There are four Appendices in the book. they’re specifically Moments of Inertia of Plane Figures, Moments of Inertia of material Bodies, Forced Vibrations, and equalization of Rigid Rotors. each of the contents is well explained and illustrated with flowcharts and diagrams. The book is descriptive which makes it easier for lecturers to follow and arrange the course of study and their teaching. The book helps the students with a clear understanding of the topics.

Engineering Mechanics by Manoj Harbola

Engineering Mechanics by Manoj K Harbola

Engineering Mechanics by Manoj K Harbola is intended to serve as a textbook for a single-semester undergraduate course on engineering mechanics. It provides a clear introduction to both statics and dynamics.Beginning with a review of vector algebra and Newton’s laws, the book “Manoj Harbola engineering mechanics” goes on to cover concepts of statics, like equilibrium of bodies, plane trusses, friction and also the method of virtual work, using each the scalar and also the vector approach.

Engineering Mechanics by Kraige

Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, SI Version, 7th ed.

Known for its accuracy, clarity, and reliability, Meriam and Kraige′s Engineering Mechanics: Statics has provided a solid foundation of mechanics principles for over 60 years, currently, in its seventh edition, the text continues to assist students to develop their problem–solving skills with an intensive type of engaging problems associated with engineering design. over 500th of the preparation problems are new, and there are a number of latest sample problems. to help students build necessary visualization and problem–solving skills, the text powerfully emphasizes drawing free–body diagrams–the most significant ability required to resolve mechanics problems.

Engineering Mechanics by Anil Kumar Dhiman

Engineering Mechanics: Statics & Dynamics

Written with pedagogy following internationally accepted for result oriented learning, this textbook deals with the fundamentals of statics, dynamics, and introductory aspects of solid mechanics, meeting the necessities of an undergraduate course in engineering mechanics. the concepts are well-explained using diagrams drawn with engineering accuracy. Illustrative examples and problems for practice provided within the book can enhance the learning method of the scholars.

Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics by RC Hibbeler and Ashok Gupta

engineering mechanics statics and dynamics by rc hibbeler

This book is meant as per the course of study of the Engineering Mechanics course for undergraduate students of Engineering. It follows a vector approach and covers each Statics and Dynamics and provides the scholars with a clear and thorough presentation of the theory likewise as the applications. The problems in the book familiarize students with actual situations encountered in engineering.


Engineering Mechanics by Irving H. Shames

Engineering Mechanics: Statics and Dynamics, 4th ed.


For Combined Statics and Dynamics courses.This edition of the extremely revered and well-known book for Engineering Mechanics focuses on developing a solid understanding of basic principles instead of memorization of specific methodologies. It covers elementary principles rather than “cookbook” problem-solving and has been refined to create it more clear. It includes over 500 new problems strictly checked for accuracy.

I hope this list of books will help you guys a lot. If want to buy these engineering textbooks online then you can consider BooksMela as the best source for engineering textbooks online shopping.




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