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I have included many famous Guidebooks from every category here like beauty and care, food guide, spiritual guide, and many health guides. My main purpose of updating these books is to aware you guys with most influential, most famous guidebooks to enrich your knowledge and benefit in your life. I hope You guys will really enjoy it. If you feel worth to read it please do share.

Most Popular Guidebooks

A Guide to Beauty and Skin Care

A Guide to Beauty and Skin Care

Herbs are used for thousands of years, but for the latter elements of this century, it appeared that knowledge of herbal remedies would get replaced by chemical technology. but the event revitalization of interest in natural alternatives has dispelled the concern that the future is in plastics, and a lot of folks are turning to nature for medication, stress relief beauty care. Taking readers through the fundamentals of proper skin care. This book offers easy-to-understand directions for everything from how and what to use when cleaning and treating problem skin, to what steps to require to safeguard the skin while in the sun. This book offers the truth concerning the way to take correct care of skin in easy and simple ways in which. concerning The Author: Suganthi Subramaniam, a graduate from lady Doak college in Madurai, is a versatile linguist, interested n mastering languages. She has been an obsessive reader of books from an awfully young age and is fascinated by ancient history.

A Guide to Wine: Tasting and TechnologyA Guide to Wine: Tasting and Technology

Attractively created and fantastically illustrated, this handy-sized guide is a helpful introduction to the various wines. Wine is an alcoholic beverage made by the fermentation of grape juice. The natural chemical balance of grapes is such that they can ferment without the addition of sugars, acids, enzymes or different nutrients. In essence, this book addresses the question of the way to act creating a ‘real wine’. This provides a thread of continuity that ties along each of the chapters. These embrace a number of the most contentious yet very important issues encompassing wine these days, as well as site selection, planting the vines, organic and biodynamic culture, alternative or grape selection, wine creating techniques, what constitutes a wine fault and creating cash. Reading this book is a great pleasure, partly as a result of it’s superbly illustrated and arranged out, but also as a result of it’s well written and extremely informative.

A Guide to The Bodhisattva’s Way of Life

A Guide to The Bodhisattva's Way of Life

This is appropriate reading for readers with an awfully strong comprehension of English similarly as some relationship with Buddhist terminology. whereas any student ought to attempt to get teachings on this text directly from a living teacher who has had the text “transmitted” to her or him, some students can, however, have a much easier time with reference to the text right away, whereas others may realize it to be dense and tough to grasp.

Great book! His holiness the 14th Dalai Lama recommends it, therefore it must be good … and it is. It covers lots of ground, however, explains complicated Buddhist ideas in a simple to grasp method. If you would like to review Buddhist philosophy, this is often an excellent place to begin.

As the title implies, it’s a guide for how to live life, and it’s written as a listing of guiding principles. for somebody new to Buddhism and eager to learn.

A Guide to Homeopathy

A Guide to Homeopathy

Authoritative and accessible, this totally revised and updated A Guide to Homeopathy Sharma Rajeev explains all concerning how homeopathy works and the most effective way to make it work for you. Complete Guide to homeopathy reveals the key principles of homeopathy, as well as the system of categorizing people by “constitutional” types in keeping with their physical and emotional traits and other helpful features, embody personal assessment, remedy profiles, and help tips. A rigorously structured self-assessment questionnaire is based on what a homeopath would raise at a primary consultation. It provides a unique insight into the link between health and personality and helps you identify the constitutional type you resemble most. based on the foremost advanced research, a photographic index profiles 150 remedies, with details of the historical background, meditative uses, and corresponding constitutional type of each. Easy-to-use practical disorder Charts advise that remedies take for everyday health issues, like sleep disorder, anxiety, eczema, and ache. It conjointly features a quick-reference guide to homeopathic attention. Accessible and information-packed, the whole Guide to homeopathy is the essential reference for improving health through this gentle approach to healing.

A Guide to Your Pregnancy

The book will an excellent job of explaining symptoms, emphasizing sympathy and understanding, and describes what the baby is looking like weekly complete with illustrations. It’s attention-grabbing to follow along with the baby’s development and perceive however it coincides with the varied symptoms. glorious book. Would highly suggest to any first-time mother and father. most likely do not need it after that although.

A Guide to Heart Care

Written in a warmly assuasive style, this indispensable guide to heart care offers realistic hope and specific directions for planning a long heart care program. stuffed with the practical recommendationtutorial case histories, a philosophy for controlling your health, self-tests to assess risk, and questions to ask your doctor, it looks toward an even better future for those with cardiovascular disease.

A Guide to Digestive Disorders


Irritable intestine syndrome, Crohn’s disease, colitis, hepatitis, heartburn—these are only a few of the channel disorders that have an effect on tens of a lot of Indians. Despite their prevalence, these conditions have evidenced tough to treat with commonplace medical approaches. In this updated guide, Rajeev Sharma offers a wealth of natural remedies and lifestyle changes that have helped thousands to alleviate symptoms and heal their bodies, one step at a time. Drawing on his intensive clinical experience, Rajeev Sharma covers such topics as herbs and vitamins, Chinese medication, meditation, and environmental triggers that have an effect on digestion, helping the reader add up to the discouraging array of natural healing techniques.

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