Income Tax Ministerial Exam Guide and Solved Question papers

The ministerial staff exam is held every year by the Department. I took mine in July 2015 and I’m awaiting the results. The exam is divided into four papers
1. Precis writing – It includes letter writing and Precis writing.If you have average communication skill still you can crack this exam very easily
2. Fundamental Rules, Service Rules, General Financial Rules etc – It includes all kinds of terminologies that every government employee has to deal every day. You can buy Bahri guide for Income tax ministerial exam. You can even search ministerial staff exam books at BooksMela.
3. Office procedures – It includes mainly the theory of income tax. You are allowed to consult the bare Income Tax Act.
(All of the above are 100 marks each)
4. Practical Test (150 Marks) – It includes mainly calculations of tax.

It may seem daunting to a fresher but all this is encapsulated in a book called Bahri’s guide for ministerial staff exam, which is very convenient and covers everything through previous year papers. Most questions get repeated every year. So, you can go through Bahri’s books which are Given Below.

Declaration of result takes up 6 months.

List of Ministerial Exam Books

You explore Ministerial Exam’s Notification 2017 here Click Here. You find departmental exam for ministerial staff syllabus here.

If you are looking for other competitive exam books online you can consider BooksMela’s Online Book shopping very affordable.

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