How Dalai lama escaped to India – Tibet’s Spiritual leader

How Dalai lama escaped to India – Tibet’s Spiritual leader

Everyone knows about 14th Dalai lamas efforts for peace, But most of us don’t know why Dalai Lama is living in India and never tries to know it. Dalai lama escaped to India focus on china’s aspiration towards capturing Tibet for their benefits. This also shows how India gives shelter to needy. So, this is time to focus on the reason behind Dalai lama’s escape but before that, I will tell you something about Tibet and China and definitely about “how Dalai Lama escaped to India”.
Tibet has chronicle history as a nation, it’s existence with china for centuries. China possession over Tibet was because of it’s the rich natural resource that is why they militarise strategical border with India. In 1950 when they militarise Tibet they promise to protect Tibet but in 1959 they fail to protect Tibet and There had been no news of Dalai Lamas’s safety that’s why he left Lhasa on 17 March with an entourage of 20 men, including six Cabinet ministers. He left Tibet because of life threat and taken shelter in Dharamsala (Himachal) in North India.

Dalai Lama travelling at Night to cross Indian border

Dalai lama had to cross Brahmaputra river which is 500 yards wide in shade of no light to protect himself from the Chinese army. Three days China-Tibet war claimed to kill 2000 innocent civilians and curfew has been imposed at that time. In the worst single incident, the China’s army laid-off about 800 ordnance shells into the Dalai Lama’s Summer Palace, smashing the traditional building to the bottom. After Mass deportations in Tibet china announced that the Tibetan administration had been dissolved underneath martial law, and same the lama had been replaced by the Panchen Lama, his pro-Chinese rival because the front of a committee to line up a Tibetan Autonomous Region among the Chinese People’s Republic.

how did the dalai lama escaped

He struggled to settle in India but Indian government gave protection after criticism and he still protests for Tibet’s Independence with non-violence and he got Noble peace prize in 1989 for his efforts.
During this period he wrote many books on Meditation, Tibetan lifestyle. Because of his personality and efforts towards world peace encouraged many famous writers to write books on Dalai Lama’s teaching, thoughts and lifestyle.

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