How to crack SBI Clerk Exam 2017 – Syllabus Exam Pattern | Exam Analysis

How to crack SBI Clerk Exam 2017 – Exam Pattern | Exam Analysis

Hello, friends, I am Manoj Kusshwaha, A Digital marketer by profession and teacher by heart. I have earned from P.T.U(Punjab Technical University). I love my work and help other to achieve what they want to achieve in Life. I don’t like to advise to anyone rather I give the solution to needy one. If you have any question related to your career I will definitely suggest you with better solutions. Today, I am going to discuss “How to crack SBI Clerk Exam 2017” along with “SBI Clerk Syllabus 2017″, “SBI Clerk Exam Pattern 2017 “. Before that, I want to tell you the golden rules to achieve whatever you want in your life. These golden rules work for every situation in your life.

Golden Rules  – If you want to get success in your life remember two words “Why” and “How“. If you know the answer of “Why” then I assure you that you will know “How” to do it. You can take help from others and by yourself too but you should decide “Why” you should do this. So, here I will discuss Why and How to prepare for SBI Clerk exam 2017. Let’s discuss why to prepare for  SBI Clerk Exam. 

how to crack SBI Clerk Exam 2017

Why I should prepare for SBI Clerk Exam 2017

First of all, we should decide what we want from our life. We want stability or something else from our life. If you want stability then SBI clerk exam are easy and gives you many things which I have discussed below.

  • Stability – It’s a Central government job, So, you need not worry about any recession or Job Security. So, Many engineers in India also entering into this field. I have seen many IT professional also chosen to the banking sector as their career. So, I believe if you want stability then this exam is for you.
  • Better Facilities – Central Government get much more facilities than the private sector if you don’t compare with the company like  Google, and Infosys.
  • Socialism – Central government employee has to work for 8 hours only and they get more holidays as compare to Private sector. So, government employees are more social than Private sector employees.
  • Personal Growth – In the country like India, there is a handsome increment in Salary on the name of Pay Commission after every 5 years.
  • Respect – Government Employees get much more respect as compared to Private employees.
If you have decided and got the answer why you should prepare for SBI Clerk Exam. Then you should stick to this article further.

How to crack SBI clerk exam 2017

To crack SBI Clerk exam is very easy if you know how to prepare for SBI Clerk exam. For this, you need to know following things:

  • SBI Clerk Exam Syllabus 2017 – Before preparing for SBI clerk exam you should first discover SBI Clerk’s exam syllabus. You need to divide every topic in an excel sheet for further use as per Syllabus. I have prepared a Syllabus table to know it briefly in coming paragraphs.
  • SBI Clerk Exam Pattern 2017 – SBI clerk exam pattern changes almost every year. So, you need to keep updated with SBI clerk exam pattern to prepare for SbI clerk exam.
  • SBI Clerk Exam’s Recommended books – I have prepared an article to know the exact SBI clerk’s exam recommended books – Which you can find in resource given below.
    Resource – ++++++

SBI Clerk Exam Pattern 2017 – Prelims

Section Subject No. of Questions Max. Marks Exam Duration
1 English Language 30 30 1 hour
2 Numerical ability 35 35
3 Reasoning ability 35 35
Total 100 100

Note: Marks obtained in the Preliminary Examination will not be added for the selection, only the Main Examination marks and Interview marks will be considered. This pattern is only for reference SBI can change without any prior notice. So, consult with the SBI’s Official website.

SBI Clerk Exam Pattern 2017 – Mains

Section Subject No. of Questions Max. Marks Exam Duration
1 General/Financial Awareness 50 50 2 hours 40 minutes
2 General English 40 40
3 Quantitative Aptitude 50 50
4 Reasoning Ability &Computer Aptitude 50 60
Total 190 200

After getting this SBI Clerk Exam analysis prepared in following Ways. However, you can join any renowned institute but I recommend you for self-study. There are many YouTube video where you can get help. Search youtube as per your topic and watch the video as per your choice.

Preparation tips for SBI Clerk Exam

  1. Prepare a list of Weak areas and topic as per your evaluation and save it in a spreadsheet.
  2. Now purchase SBI Clerk exam recommended books. For this, you can read this article – Resource++++
  3. Read each chapter and search parallelly on youtube as per your topic.
  4. Prepare important notes to summaries few days before exam
  5. Before 15 days of your SBI clerk exam 2017. Buy SBI Clerk Previous year question paper and solve it.
After applying these tips you will definitely able to crack SBI Clerk exam in First attempt.
Hope, This article will help you a lot, If you have any question and query please comment below.

how to crack SBI clerk exam 2017,

sbi clerk exam pattern 2017

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